Country of Origin: Japan DAIWA CA LANCE (Calorized) A long – life lance for oxygen steel making DAIWA CA Lance lasts to 3 to 10 times longer than mild steel lances and is used not only for the melting and refining of steel by blowing oxygen gas, but is also for the injection of carbon, lime, and/or other additives. * Lance consumption rate varies widely depending on the conditions in which the lance is used. DAIWA CA Lance has been used over 40 years around the world including Japan, USA and Europe. Current Daiwa CA Lance is advanced and really customer oriented product. DAIWA SC LANCE (Self-Consuming) A Burning lance for cutting steel mass and slag DAIWA SC Lance Generates high temperature of over 3,000 C by burning itself and melts solidified steel and slag on equipment. USES: REMOVAL of 1. Slag on the wall of ingot case 2. Pig iron at the iron notches of blast furnace 3. Slag in ladle 4. Steel-slag mixture at slag notch and iron notch of blast furnace...

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FAST IS FINE, BUT ACCURACY IS EVERYTHING   Supporting bagging equipment installed in containers that can be moved anywhere at any time as needed, so do not waste a lot of time in preparing the bagging process. We choose mechanical weight scales because it is very easy in terms of maintenance and faster in making adjusments to support the achievement of the agreed targets. To meet the target given, we implement a 24 hours working time, skilled labor, heavy duty equipment wheel loader, charging with 2 lines a container and is supported by an experienced engineer.   MECHANICAL WEIGHT Scales made in USA  We use mechanical weight scales with quality hardened steel construction materials combined with stainless steel. This is a mechanical weight scales charging system directly into a plastic bag with a guaranteed level of accuracy and stable. This is a mechanical weight scales charging system durectly into a plastic bag with a guaranteed level of accuracy and stable. Mechanical weight scales are designed for maximum product weighing 50 kgs per bag for the types of materials such as fertilizer, soybean, corn, grain and other materials that are dry and non dusty products.   EQUIPMENT AND CAPACITY...

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Oil Distributors from the Countries of Europe and South East Asia

The era of globalization is demanding professional human resources to fulfill markets locally and internationally. PT Kawiputra Jaya Perkasa was established as a trading company in 1996. As a next step PT Kawiputra Jaya Perkasa was appointed by certain Principles to market and distribute general and Special Lubricants, Metal Cutting Fluids, and Lance Pipe from the countries of Europe and South East Asia. Because of great supports from working partners, a solid teamwork and highly demoted services has made us a successful trading company. We are proud of being working partner and giving the best service is great challenge for us from time to time. Therefore, we always keep up with our improvement to extend quality of work to fulfill the customer...

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