Country of Origin: Japan DAIWA CA LANCE (Calorized) A long – life lance for oxygen steel making DAIWA CA Lance lasts to 3 to 10 times longer than mild steel lances and is used not only for the melting and refining of steel by blowing oxygen gas, but is also for the injection of carbon, lime, and/or other additives. * Lance consumption rate varies widely depending on the conditions in which the lance is used. DAIWA CA Lance has been used over 40 years around the world including Japan, USA and Europe. Current Daiwa CA Lance is advanced and really customer oriented product. DAIWA SC LANCE (Self-Consuming) A Burning lance for cutting steel mass and slag DAIWA SC Lance Generates high temperature of over 3,000 C by burning itself and melts solidified steel and slag on equipment. USES: REMOVAL of 1. Slag on the wall of ingot case 2. Pig iron at the iron notches of blast furnace 3. Slag in ladle 4. Steel-slag mixture at slag notch and iron notch of blast furnace...

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